How Your Teeth Are Built

Your teeth are actually a pretty intricate part of your body. Each individual tooth is made up of multiple layers, and they all have their own unique functions that make sure your teeth work as they're intended to. So let's take a few moments and look at how your teeth are put together. The enamel is the outermost layer of... read more »

Brighten Your Smile with Cavity Prevention

Cavities, those holes in tooth enamel from the effects of plaque formation can wreak havoc on your healthy smile. Plaque forms on your teeth and gums as a reaction to the sugars in your mouth from the foods and drinks you eat and drink, like chips, bread, milk, cookies, juice, soda, for example. The bacteria that live in your mouth... read more »

Dental Checkups: Is It Time?

If you do everything right—brush twice a day, floss and visit your dentist every six months-you’re doing a great job. But, did you know that what you are doing might not be enough. Arguably there is nothing you can do that is more important for your oral health than cleaning it well. But, there are other times when it’s important... read more »

Protect Your Smile from Wear

Your teeth are tough. In fact, with proper care they can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, there are many things that can wear down your teeth. Today, we’re going to address three of the more common issues that culprits. On an important note, the wear we will be discussing does not include tooth decay or injuries caused by trauma. Wear is... read more »

3 Facts about Dental Bridges

If you’re new to smile restoration methods, you’re probably wondering what the facts are. Well today, we’re going to give you some of the facts on dental bridges and why it may be the right choice for you to consider. There are options Did you know that there are different types of dental bridges? Three, in fact: Traditional, Cantilever and... read more »