How Your Teeth Are Built

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Your teeth are actually a pretty intricate part of your body. Each individual tooth is made up of multiple layers, and they all have their own unique functions that make sure your teeth work as they’re intended to.

So let’s take a few moments and look at how your teeth are put together.

The enamel is the outermost layer of a tooth. Enamel is composed from a dense mineral crystal structure that gives your teeth the ability to bite off, chew and grind the foods you eat. The enamel layer is the most common place for cavities to form, which requires Dr. Alan Goral to repair them with a filling. If too much enamel has been compromised, then he might need to completely restore the enamel layer with a crown.

Underneath the enamel layer is the slightly softer, yet dense layer known as the dentin. This layer actually makes up a significant amount of the tooth’s structure and even can influence the color of a tooth in your smile. If exposed this layer can be sensitive.

Inside the dentin layer is the pulp of the tooth. This soft material can be very sensitive if damaged, exposed or subject to decay and infection. Any damage or decay in this area, often requires Dr. Alan Goral to perform a root canal to restore lost internal structure, before he can install a crown.

The root of the tooth contains nerves and blood vessels that are essential for keeping the tooth alive. Damage, decay or infection at this level of the tooth can often be repaired by a root canal. However there are times when serious problems in the root require the entire tooth to be extracted.

The intricacy of your teeth is why it’s so important to keep them healthy. If one layer is damaged, you risk the health of the entire tooth, which is something you don’t want to do. If you feel like you have any tooth issues, or have more questions about overall tooth health, contact us today at 303-933-2273.