Wait-Free Dental Crowns

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If you have a tooth that has sustained significant damage or decay, it can be extremely painful. In addition, your jaw and other teeth are more susceptible to developing infections. In order to protect and restore your smile, one effective option we have at Ken Caryl Dental Center is to install a new replacement crown.

Dental crowns are used to restore damaged teeth or protect at-risk teeth from breaking. They are also used to hold dental bridges in place and even to simply make cosmetic changes. They offer improved stability to teeth that are structurally compromised, and when made from tooth-colored material are a more aesthetic option than some other restorations.

While they are quite successful, one complaint that many patients have had about dental crowns is how long they take to get. Traditionally, at least two office visits have been necessary, often with weeks in between so the crown can be manufactured at a dental lab elsewhere. During this time, temporary crowns are needed, which can be uncomfortable and make eating unpleasant. That is why Dr. Alan Goral uses E4D technology to cut the waiting period out of getting a crown.

This state-of-the-art technology allows us to mill custom, professional-grade restorations right here in our office, on the same day as your procedure. Its advanced scanning technology creates an accurate model of your teeth without the messy impressions. You can walk out after just a few hours with a brand-new, permanent smile.

To learn more about E4D technology or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Alan Goral, please contact our Littleton, CO, office today. We look forward to seeing you!